SERGI Transformer Protector is a French company founded in 1955. The initial purpose of the company was to find a solution to extinguish transformer fire. After a few years of investigation, the first drain and stir system was invented as an alternative to the water extinguishing system.

Beginning of the ‘90s, a new investigation program was implemented to find a solution to prevent transformer explosion and fire. A first, the solution was invented to prevent transformer from exploding by sensing an over-pressure and release the pressure. An inert gas was then injected to cool the transformer oil and evacuate the explosive gases generated. SERGI has created the first Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System (NIFPS), with the SERGI 3000 System.

End of the ‘90s, a breaking technology has been developed with the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP). This solution, independent of third-party sensors, acts within milliseconds after a fault event, allowing to depressurize the transformer before static pressure gets developed. SERGI has created the transformer explosion and fire PREVENTION market. This solution remains the sole proven solution to prevent transformer explosion and fire.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR, customized for each transformer design, can be installed on transformers, existing or new, from 0.1 MVA to 1,000 and above. A Product Liability Insurance of € is provided once the TP has been commissioned by a SERGI TP Engineer.

So far, more than 3,200 TP have been installed around the globe, protecting transformers from 0.4 to 930 MVA in Power Generation, T&D and different industries (Oil & Gas, Steel, Mining, Industrial Processing and Manufacturing Plants), saving € hundreds of millions to transformer owners.


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